About Catherine

Catherine immigrated to Canada from Trinidad and Tobago over 27 years ago, as a single parent with her two young kids and settled in Oshawa. Her decision to migrate was centered on giving her kids a better quality of life.

While she had to compromise her previous career at an executive level, like many immigrants, she humbly accepted a menial role to begin her life here in Canada.

With determination and passion, she not only pursued her education and achieved her Bachelor’s degree in Law and her Master of Science in Business Ethics and Compliance, but also saw her kids through University.

“Migrating to Canada was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The challenges were worth it; quality of life for my children has always been the most important thing to me.”

Forever being grateful for the privilege of living here, she always wanted to give back. She fulfilled this by actively volunteering for over 20 years in the community: palliative care, anti-racism, cultural and political associations.

Having joined the Liberal party a few years ago, she continues to volunteer on Liberal Associations. Her interest is in Policy, developing policy and platform proposals. Her focus was mainly on narrowing the wealth gap, and addressing systems that hinder equity, diversity, and inclusion, including within education. This work, together with strong encouragement and her desire to always do more, led her to put her name forward.

“My passion to continue to do more for the community and personal drive, coupled with Steven Del Duca’s encouragement for women to put their names forward, gave me the courage to run for office.”

Catherine has significant expertise in the financial industry at the level of Vice President of Compliance with a major banking institution. She is not only business-minded, but also goal-oriented: She is a marathoner, a long-distance, open-ocean swimmer, a black belt in karate and currently plays the steel pan.

She married Daniel Mosca, an icon in the Caribbean Community and has gained 2 talented children through their marriage. Together they have 4 wonderful children, 5 adorable grandchildren, cherished in-laws and lots of cousins, nieces, and nephews, all combined into one large, diversified family, many of whom live in the Durham region.

I am honoured to join Steven Del Duca and his amazing, diverse team. We are energized and motivated to work for families in Oshawa and across Ontario. Catherine Mosca