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I am honoured to join Steven Del Duca and his amazing, diverse team. We are energized and motivated to work for families in Oshawa and across Ontario. Catherine Mosca

Steven Del Duca

Ontario is in the fight of its life. Steven Del Duca is a leader who will be relentless in the pursuit of progress, who will work night and day and never stop fighting for a better Ontario.

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Ontario Liberals target elite land speculators with new “use it or lose it” tax

May 24, 2022

Doug Ford won’t take on his rich friends or build more homes TORONTO – Steven Del Duca announced his plan…

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Steven Del Duca on storm-hit areas of Clarence-Rockland

May 23, 2022

“I’ve had a chance today to see firsthand what business owners, families and first responders are going through in the…

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Doug Ford turned his back as opioid deaths skyrocketed

May 22, 2022

SUDBURY – Steven Del Duca joined Sudbury first responders to announce the Ontario Liberal action plan to save lives in…

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